minelf asked: I'm sorry I couldn't help but reblog /lots/ of your gifs ;;; I really really like them omg they're so cute ;^;!

Aw hehe, I’m glad you like them so much, feel free to reblog as many as you like 

flymakesmehappy asked: Kitty Leeteuk please?

Right away~

reikaii asked: can you please do Hunhan kitties~?

Certainly c:

loljkilikeyoonamore asked: Can I request Junghan from Seventeen please? Thanks!


shawolcassiopeiapride asked: Hi! >-< Can you do LayHan as kitties? Thank you ;A;

Hii, ofc ^^ 

2742000 asked: Can you do one for VIXX Hongbin ?

yes c:

emm-ssi asked: Hanjoo(Hansol and B-joo) Kitties please? c':

Sure ^^